Pain, Gender, and Transformation in Comics

Just a quick link to a fantastic article elsewhere on the interweb about public and private pain in relation to gender and identity, particularly using comics as the focus. Really incredible article, Well written and waking me up to a few things I wasn’t aware of and hadn’t considered. It led on to a seriously long discussion between me and my significant, which can only be a good thing.


I’d just like to add that following my discussion with Alex in Wonderland, a new post has been made about the Sandman comic ‘A Game of You’, on the subjects we were discussing. It is another excellent article that explains the points I was trying to make in a much more detailed and well formed way than I could ever have managed.  A brilliant post, and also the first time I’ve been name-checked as the inspriation for double yay. Seriously, have a look at this, it worth it.


3 thoughts on “Pain, Gender, and Transformation in Comics”

  1. You’re right, that was a very interesting post. Thanks for calling attention to it. My story has a tendency to turn into a one-sided girly rant sometimes, the post may have sparked off a few (unrelated) thoughts for me that made me examine issues that aren’t so obvious.

  2. I find one of the big difficulties with writing turning into rants is if you know too much what you’re going to ‘try and say’ to begin with. This is why I’m so afeared of writing, cause I don’t want to get preachy. I was reading something the other day saying you should let your themes appear naturally and not try and and focus on them until like, third of fourth draft (which would be great if I knew how to write and draft…i just can’t do the whoel re-write thing…its a skill I forgot to pick up…guess its on my to do list)

    Anyway, yeah, the article really opened my eyes to some fascinating things, adding them into that big stew in my head.

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