Controversy and Short Stories

So, first of all the novel’s started off, not a great start, but a start nonetheless. Actually, I’m quite happy with it so far. I’m just very much unsure of where to start of the main piece. I’m gonna keep thinking about it and keep adding extra description to the opening. A more full post on this will follow.

Anyway, the real point of my article was to talk about the very controversial issue of abortion that I was reminded of by an excellent article by Zoe Williams in the G2 supplement of the Guardian on Friday. Without going into detail on this article, basically it’s a bit of a wake up call. It just made me realise that some of my qualms are unreconcilable with my actual beliefs. Read it, and see if you agree. If you want to discuss abortion feel free to do it on this post. Please don’t in the post which follows. The post which follows (above) is a short story I wrote for a course for a course on Short Fiction at my university. This course was a wee bit pretentious (as expected for English Literature) and so the piece I produced is to. It’s full of literary allusions and other pretensions, and even some obscure references to things that only a couple of my friends will understand completely, and some that only DOS users will understand (The whole thing is vaguely modernist/post-modernist in way; I attempt to get it to explore the issues quite subjectively and shockingly but also fragmented and incomplete). I don’t think the piece reflects my opinions on the matter, its more of an attempt to just muse and reflect on some things that happen in the world we are in. I don’t know how it comes across, that’s what you’re here for. In the comments line for that post I would like any constructive (or destructive, I don’t mind) criticism of the piece itslef. I just want to isolate the debate on the issue from the discussion of the piece. I don’t want to defend they views of the piece, as they are not necessarily my own. Sorry if I’m a bit odd about this. Just don’t want to stir up too much controversy. For those who want to read the piece, the password is ‘abortretryfail’. This makes it accessible to all who want to read it. If you suspect you’re going to get offended and start hating me, then just don’t read it. Even if you’re just a bit squeamish, part of it was very distressing to write and (hopefully) carries the same effect through to the reading, so don’t read if you’re worried.

Anyway, there you go…debate abortion here if you want, and read the story above if you want. Just don’t come crying to me when you’re eyes start bleeding or you get struck down by your wrathful Lord..or something like that.

Now I’m just courting controversy on purpose. Ah well.

Anyway, read Ms Williams’ article, read my story if you want and say what you think, as usual anything goes apart from attacking other people in a personal manner. Bring it on (or choose not to..its up to you).


6 thoughts on “Controversy and Short Stories”

  1. Thank you for that.
    I wish people would stop making me want to cry while I’m at work.
    Not much else to say, apart from the fact that my fiction seems irrelevant in the face of reality.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I feel …wiser?
    Or something.
    I definitely feel.
    I don’t think I’m making much sense here.
    I’ll be quiet

  2. Sorry, I’ve been offline for the last few days (fucking stupid server problems – read all about it on my blog) … meant to say that I couldn’t find your story. There is only one post listed under your ‘abortion’ category. Where would I find it?

  3. There’s now a link in the article above. Also there’s one at the bottom of the page (next article…Abort, Retry, Fail).
    Plus it’s filed under short story.
    Sorry this wasn’t simple, I assumed I’d done all that at the beginning….me dumby

  4. Password is abortretryfail
    It does say it in the above post. It’s just hidden in the middle so people have to read the warning not to get offended. I don’t want random searchers finding a potential offensive and quite harsh story without being fore warned.

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