Cipater – Autechre

Hmm, really crunchy beats (I mean seriously crunchy), with a nice smooth bassline underneath (very low in the mix) thoughtful whining noises ambulate around the main beat too. Very Nice

Its a bit like being in a quite funky trash compactor at a high speed and surviving the whole mechanism running through repeatedly. There may even be a whining dog crushed along with you.

Then the second half of the track starts to land and it seems like there’s a kind of electro lounge band just down the road (almost out of earshot) playing a little walking bassline and jamming around it. The whole rhythm has actually shifted pace now, it sounds a bit like the offbeats have switched. A bit like the trash compactor has got into hip-hop all of a sudden and started to groove on down.

Breakdown, compactor out of the mix…and you realise there’s been a lovely load of music running underneath it all along. Still with a nice crunchy drum beat…its just like its on trash compactor hi-hats now. Repeat to fade.

Wow, that’s an awesome track.


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