The Fountain – I actually felt like I was surrounded in beautiful golden light

Well, not quite, but this film did put me into an almost blissful state. Just warm and happy and at ease with the world. Smiles galore and a feeling like the air was flowing clearer around me.

So yeah, I guess I liked it.

It is indeed fairly baffling. I think I got more of the symbolic connotations of the narrative than I did the finer points of the plotline (we are talking three parallel lives of one Huge Ackman, and one of them takes place almost entirely in an interplanetary snowglobe). But I felt so much emotion and beauty in all of it. The sound (and music by Clint Mansell) was absolutely incredible. A couple of tiny shocks prepare you for the entire universe exploding in your face at one point.

And it all looked gorgeous. I was marvelling at the use of colour, light, dark and the way things were framed. Actually marvelling. At one point Huge (as conquistador) turns his head to leave one eye as the centre of the frame, just for a moment. It’s a perfect reflection of a constantly repeating visual motif, that just drops by slyly.

The acting was all solid, even when you’ve got an ex-x-man cuddling a tree, and while the plot may not exactly grip you (I watched it with Fanny and she felt herself drifting) if you just let it all wash over you you’ll be blown away anyway. The climax is frankly astonishing visually, though it takes a mind more lively than mine to tie up all the loose ends (although this may be me trying to complicate things…I do that with Lost too, occasionally getting excited by the more apocalyptic theories, the ones involving transhumanism and gnosticism). Though at the same time, I think I might have got it all in a way. It’s just a bit more open ended than that.

But yeah, it raises all the great questions about life and death, and how to deal with it.

Purely fascinating.

The thing that got me was the ‘explosions’. Not action film explosions, just things bursting out. Life from death and the road to awe.

It really is.

There’s not much more I can say without spoiling. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s pretty damn awesome in my book. It just put me at ease with the world (though Fanny found it a little depressing, guess it’s a matter of perspective).

So yeah, where I’m buried, plant a tree…that’s all I’m saying.


4 thoughts on “The Fountain – I actually felt like I was surrounded in beautiful golden light”

  1. Ex-x-man. As opposed to Vin Diesel, an XXX-man.

    And, on reflection, Huge does have a wide face, but – even so – I don’t think it detracts from his appeal.

  2. well, depressing is too strong a word. moving. it moved me. it did strike me too and I found myself thinking about it afterwards and it did put me in a semi-bissful state, but that could also hae been the wine weed and company. I think the quote on the back of the box sums it up when it says, “go with the flow and you will reap the benefits” or something like that…

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